I mostly work with felt, although I occasionally have done embroidery or worked with other fabrics. I'm still missing pictures for a few things, but unless otherwise noted I'll definitely be able to find or take new pictures for the pieces that still don't have any. I'll add pictures as I finish projects or am able to find/take new photos.

Click on each image for a description!

Images marked with an * are the best I have. Those pieces were given away as gifts or otherwise are no longer in my possession, and I didn't used to take pictures of things after making them.

Tapestry & Appliqué

I had the idea to start making appliqué tapestries in early 2021. They take a very long time, so I have yet to finish the first one I started working on this year, but I plan to make more in the future.
My main inspiration has been my fascination with Medieval illuminated manuscripts.


I have been doing embroidery every now and then since 2014.


I've been making felt dolls since 2010! I've been making them less frequently in recent years, but putting more effort into the ones I make.